Mine was traveling the world. It was on my mind all the time. 
I didn’t know what that means to travel.
Yet, I had this urge to go and see what is the world all about. 
What kind of people live in other countries. 
Who are they and what do they stand for. 
What kind of weather is there, climate and plants. 

When I wished to see and explore all of that, I did not know that one day all of that will materialize. 

When I came to USA with $140 in my pocket, 4 suitcases and a 6 year old little girl. The only dream I had is how to accommodate my baby and myself, how to put food on our table, and have work that would allow for that happen. 

I kept dreaming….. one day…. one day…. one day…..

That day has arrived. I am traveling the world and love every minute of it, even when challenges arise. 
I look at a challenge as “is there anything to learn from this experience”

Are you learning from challenges? 
Do you still dream?
They say dream, and dream BIG, I will just repeat: DREAM BIGGER.


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