Why become a member?  Only as a member you enjoy your oils and other chemical-free products at the wholesale price.  That’s 24% off!  Plus your membership is free and yours for life.  There are never any minimums to buy and all that is required is the one time purchase of a Starter Kit.  My favorite is a Premium K because it is very affordable and the simplest way to get started.  For just $165 you are getting a diffuser (the must-have tool for any essential oil user) and eleven high quality essential oils you can (and will!) use every single day. There are literally hundreds of uses for this kit.  Also included are two packets of the antioxidant super juice, NingXiaRed, along with introductory material including the Product Catalog.  To become a member simply click HERE, complete the enrollment form, and set up your online shopping account.  For more detailed instructions refer to the enrollment walkthrough or CONTACT me.


Welcome to the Movement!

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