Once you start to flip through your Product Catalog, you may find yourself wanting to try one or more of the hundreds of essential oils and essential oil infused supplements that did not come with the starter kit.

You will also discover that Young Living offers many essential oil infused products for personal care, kids, pets, and the home.  If you are planning to make the switch to natural remedies and eliminating chemicals from your home, now is an excellent time to join the optional Essential Rewards program.

As a member you are already saving 24%, but as a member on ER you could be saving up to 44%.  When you sign up for Essential Rewards you get discounted shipping and you earn 10% back on all your purchases in the form of PV points you can redeem for products of your choice.  After staying on the program for only for only fur months you will earn 20% back on all purchases, and after 24 months you earn 25% back, furthermore every 3 months you receive a special thank you gift in a form of another oil .  That adds up very quickly!  Once you accumulate a few points, you are able to try new things or stock up on your favorites for free, and we think free is pretty awesome!
Additional benefits include discounted shipping, priory on low inventory products, and discounted kits only available on ER.

To sign up, log into your account, click on Essential Rewards and follow the steps.

To redeem your points simply place a Quick Order and during checkout select the points as your form of payment.  And do not worry, you are not signing your life away! If you change your mind you can cancel at anytime and they won’t even ask you why, just call or live chat customer service.

The best part?  You can get off ANY time!  If I guide you, would you be willing to try?  

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