Essential oils, just like anything we are exposed to, are absorbed primarily through the respiratory system, as well as the skin and the digestive system, and get easily into the bloodstream.

Blood as an excellent transport system brings many valuable nutrients and antioxidants to each cell, to each body system, including the brain, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Of course, all of this can be done under the condition that what we use is a very pure, natural and high quality.  It makes a difference if we eat organic or non-organic food, drink clean or not so clean water, use chemicals or avoid chemicals in our daily life, and also it makes a difference if the essential oils we use are of therapeutic grade or not.

Unfortunately, most oils commercially available even in health food stores and pharmacies are either synthetic or containing synthetic additives, and as such do not improve the function of the body.

The absorption of the oils by the respiratory system first stimulates the nasal mucosa, which detects the presence of specific molecules of essential oils and send this information directly to the brain. The brain reacts in a split second and in response to this stimulus, releasing chemicals that are either stimulating or relaxing the nervous system. The body produces, depending on the situation, various hormones – endorphinsserotoninmelatonindopamineadrenaline and many more. In addition, naturally occurring chemical compounds present in the essential oils are getting into the lungs, and may have a direct physical effect on the body, which may have therapeutic effects on the body.

While bathing, applying a compress or massaging any type of a cosmetic, it initially influence the skin’s surface. Then penetrates through the epidermis into the dermis, and then penetrates into the body through the capillaries of the circulatory system, and with the blood to the entire body. So it makes a HUGE difference what is applied EVEN to the skin.  When applying oils to the skin, their molecules reach the very ends of our body.

“Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils” as opposed to synthetic substances do not accumulate in the human body. The body keeps the necessary ingredients, and the excess is rapidly excreted in sweat through the skin, which is the largest human organ.

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