This might not look like anything, just an ordinary bathroom, however on the end of January this bathroom had a bathtub that froze while Chicago had this deep polar freeze. Remember that -29 with -67 windchill factor? Yes back then. 

Then in ANOTHER bathroom’s pipe bursted, right under this one on the 1st floor. Two unrelated incidents, which we did not know about at that time. It seamed as it was the issue. 

We didn’t know where the break was, so the hired contractor opened a few holes on the walls in the adjacent room. Then did a terrible job “fixing”. Since this was going on, I had a brilliant idea and thought it would be a perfect moment to swap cabinets from my master bathroom (since it’s a foot longer) and finish with new sinks and new counter. This bathroom used to have just one sink. 

What a nightmare of a project that turned out to be! Originally there was glued mirror to the wall, so after taking it down the wall had to be patched first, then sanded, primed and painted. 
Guess what???? The contractor disappeared!!!! Are you surprised? 
Another gave me a month to start, not what I was willing to accept. 

Guess who finished this project???
Yup, me and my husband. I patched like a pro. I never knew I had this talent. Not much sanding was left after perfect patching. Now I can open my own construction company. That’s what the “contractors” do! Then they PRETEND they know what he beck they are doing. 
Tonight the project got finished.

Kate & Pete with perfection and no mess. 


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