There are so many essential oils on the market, why Young Living?
There is a distinct difference between Young Living and any other company.

Young Living is not only the world’s leader in the production of essential oils, it is the only company that owns their own farms, therefore able to control the entire production process from seeding through cultivation to the finished product.  How important is the process every farmer knows, every person who plants in the garden knows, and  every person who loves the nature without any modification knows.

The Young Living Farms are located in different parts of the world in very remote locations,  away from civilization. Why? Because in order to keep the original properties of each plant and to benefit from the  full composition of the minerals of the soil, a plant must grow in a certain country. In addition, no chemicals are used in the process.



In order for any product to be effective, their quality and purity must be maintained.

Young Living company is not only the leader in the production of the essential oils and other oil infused products, it is the only company in the world that own farms, therefore able to control the entire production from seeding to cultivation to distillation to bottling.

This state of the art process is called   „Seed to Seal„.

The Ylang Ylang flower that I was picking at the farm in Ecuador in 2014

Most people notice a balance in the physical and emotional being, bordering with a miraculous state, yet tangible and real. The balance that brings the feeling of wellness, energy and enjoyment of life!!!  I am one of those people.

Young Living  manufactures ONLY therapeutic-grade essential oils and other oil infused products.


No, only for those who are looking for wellness and balance.

You can experience the real and authentic essentials today! Click HERE

I will guide you every step of the way to your balance when you give yourself a chance.

Till next time
~ Kate Kowalczyk

P.S. Are you willing to feel great?  Contact me ASAP


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