It was a perfect day for a long walk. As I was getting my shoes on, I noticed that my walking shoes match my pedicure. How funny.

The weather finally felt like Spring. Even the occasional breeze felt warm on he gave.

I love walking. Not because it’s good for my body. I love it because it makes me feels so good. I can smell all the blooming flowers and all the awaking nature. Even the leaves smells.

Have you noticed how nature smells? It’s divine.

It’s Spring time, and… dandelions time. 
They are considered natural remedy for their therapeutic properties. In USA they are being killed with herbicides and eliminated instead of being appreciated, picked and used.

You can’t even see them in the parks, hence parks are being sprayed too. Those herbicides and pesticides are terrible for our health and the wild life.

Can you tell we don’t spray our lawn? 
I love looking at the yellow lawn.


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