I am a person of logic and order.  The thought of using essential oils in my life was far fetched, and it did NOT make any sense.  However, when I started using them every day, I noticed a consistent difference in my behavior and well being.

I wasn’t stressing as much, and started to enjoy and appreciate the people around me more. Somehow the oils WORK!  I don’t know how, they just DO!
A company that has 100,000 new member every month cannot have a product that does not work!

Today, I can’t imagine not having my oils around me!  What’s my favorite?  So many would make it on the list, on the other hand…. StressAway would be high on the list.


1. In a glass of waterto
2. In a diffuser
3. Behind my ears like a perfume, without the chemicals
4. On the bottom of my feet and/or on the back of the neck any time de-stressing is needed

You don’t have yours yet?  You can get yours today here

Are you having questions?  Contact me

Happy oiling!

Till next time
~ Kate K.

P.S. You don’t have your oils yet?  Get your account today and order them HERE


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