Today is a new day. How it will turn out to be really depends on my own mindset.

Mindset is everything. I cannot be happy and unhappy at the same time! It’s that simple. Doing more of what I love makes me happy. Doing more of what I don’t like makes me not happy. The more I do what makes me happy will effect my mood.

Today I went for a walk. Observing nature is so healing. Listening to the water flowing in the creek, watching the ducks swimming next to each other, watching out for each other… reminded me of a romans in a relationship.

That’s what romance is all about. It’s delicate and subtle, watching out for each other.

All humans need that, every day.

Enjoy every day as it is a gift. Tomorrow might not come.

Take care of yourself and each other

stayhome #naturephotography #naturewalk #lovenature #romance #ducks #swimming #ducksswimming #today #mindset


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